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As part of my de-cluttering (my wife' term) of my "music room" prior to house move, I offer the following for sale:

Mo Foster hard back book - Seventeen watts the first 20 years of rock guitar £10

4 X sets of bass strings lightly used (I changed them for TI flats) Rotosound red silks cut for Precision/Jazz SOLD

 pack of Elixir light (0.12-0.53) Acoustic guitar strings unused with some free Martin unused Acoustic strings. SOLD

2 X Soundlab advanced dynamic microphones in black case model UD222  £6

9 X copies of R2 RocknReel magazine plus accompanying CD £12 including postage.

6 X copies of Bass Player magazine £8 including postage.

3 X Bass Rock School books with CDs Grades 1,2 +4 SOLD. 

I will add other items later, along with photos, postage will be at cost.

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