NEW STUFF Massive pedal purge price drops. Offers please!

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I am 'rationalising' this lot as its just not getting the use it needs

All prices include postage (UK)
Assume PPG
not boxed unless stated,
assume there is velcro unless stated

Here we go!

new ones

Line 6 M9 £170

Line 6 M5 boxed £70

Disaster area DPC £100

Way Huge Supa Puss boxed £120

Thorpy Muffroom Cloud boxed £165 (special delivery for this one)

Still here

MXR Dyna comp pre dunlop, will come with 2.1mm to 3.5 mm power adapter £45 £40

EHX East River drive with box £35  £30                   

Sansamp Tri-ac missing battery door £60 £50

DOD Gunslinger distortion £40 £37.50

EHX LPB-1 Booster in tatty box £20

Cheapo graphic eq £15

MI Audio crunch box £50 sold
IC Big muff copy massive fuzz bought off here very recently! £20 sold
DOD FX96 Analog Delay £45 sold
DOD Gonkulator Modulator £60 sold
EHX Silencer £25 sold
Boss SD-1 £25 sold
DOD Carcosa (silver caps missing from two knobs) £45 sold
George Dennis Wah will come with power adpater 3.5mm - 2.1mm £25 sold
Digitech PDS1700 NOT WORKING but in almost mint condition, maybe one for a tinkerer £15 sold
TC Electronic VPD-1 Vintage Pre Drive £40
XP booster - ep booster clone £15
Bright onion loop and channel switcher. £25
Marshall reflector reverb £25
cheapo tiny phaser (very subtle) £15
Donner Jet Convolution (same as mooer elec lady) flanger £15
EHX Bad Stone phaser £35 £30
Bonamassa Wah £60
Dunlop Mini Bass wah £65
TC Mimiq boxed £65
Boss DD-7 Digital delay £80 £75


DOD FX52 Classic fuzz

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