Barefaced Compact Gen2 - £300

BridgehouseBridgehouse Frets: 17351

Barefaced Compact Gen2.

The ultimate lightweight Bass Cab - a 15" cab with up to 600w handling, but only weighs 12kg - really practical for carrying. 

It's not been gigged since I've had it, and it was in really good nick when I got it off here. Original handle and no damage, all feet in tact, all corners on and no dents, covering in great condition with no knocks, dings or the like. Sounds great and broken in nicely! Comes with a Roqsolid cover. 

Ideally I want a trade - and the real preference would be a Barefaced OneTen as I need something super small and light for acoustic style gigs - the Vanderkley 2x10 aint that (!) but will take offers/straight sale.

I'm near Peterborough, Lincs, and don't have a suitable box for posting, but happy to travel around a not-too-stupid distance for the right offer or for a really good trade.


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