My Album is Released!

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Hi everyone! I would be really happy if you listened to my album, which was released several days ago.

It is an instrumental concept album, which conveys the ideas of self-perfection and travelling.

All the compositions are performed on the acoustic guitar and together they form a story about going to different places, both real and imaginary. At the beginning of the album we come to understanding that it is time to make a change in our life. “Thinking it over”, we decide to make a “Journey” to exotic places. The track conjures up haste, train noise, flying by plane and even air pockets. After the first journey we become more open to new sensations, such as having a bathe at night, or “Touching the Summer Rain”, or even going to Spain, Alesia’s favourite country. When an eventful journey ends, we return to our daily routine, which can easily cause nostalgia and melancholy. However, after “Overcoming” the sadness we realize that a geographical journey is not the only possible way of travelling. For example, “А Mysterious Tale” instantly takes us to places and epochs we have never been to. Being mesmerized, we have a “Nightmare”, another trip – this time to the depth of our subconscious. In the “Morning” the nightmare fades away and our next destination is the “Land of Chaos”. What is this place like? You can find it out only by listening to the relevant composition. Each successive destination is connected with a greater degree of discomfort. While at the beginning of the album we go to southern countries and exotic lands, in the middle of it we find ourselves in sinister, though imaginary places. Eventually we become strong enough to visit the Arctic region, the most severe place where “Saxifrages” grow. Inspired by the resilience of these flowers, we find the harmony, reflected in the “Lullaby”.

 Describing music is a difficult and hardly realizable task, so just listen to the album on my YouTube channel and experience this journey yourselves

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