FS: GFI Systems Clockwork delay v2, Zoom Hyperlead, various Fuzzdog/Aion self builds. PRICE DROPS

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Having a clear out with a Helix Stomp.  All prices are PPG and include postage.

GFI Clockwork delay v2, some marks on the paintwork/finish, but in very good working order with box. £120 £115 (Price drop)

This is really fantastic and can do multi-head delay, tape delay, digital delay, etc and has presets.

Zoom Hyperlead HL-01, £55 £50 

Top notch high gain pedal, can do everything from smooth fusiony lead, to full on drop tune Djent madness.

Mooer Black Secret, £25 £20

No box, and a few chips, but an excellent Rat clone, with turbo and normal mode,

Zendrive clone (built on an Aion Azimuth board: https://aionelectronics.com/project/azimuth-hermida-zendrive-overdrive/£35 £30

Wampler Ecstasy/Euphoria clone (built on the Pedalparts Joy Drive board, with optical bypass) £35 £30

Iron Bell clone (built on the Pedalparts 19 Bells board, with optical bypass) £35 £30

Open to reasonable offers. In terms of trades, modulation pedals are of interest (rotary, chorus, phase, tremolo), but otherwise, I'm pretty good.

Strymon Flint, boxed in good condition. £180 (SOLD)

Neunaber Echelon delay, with ExP controller (so can be used as a multi-fx unit, with the various Wet reverbs, Echelon delays, Chroma choruses, etc). Boxed, in excellent condition.  £220 for both. I can split, but would probably prefer not to. (Sold, £190)

TC Sub'n'Up (the full size pedal), no box. £65 (Sold)


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