FS: Chase Tone, Pettyjohn, Thorpy, Subdecay, Red Witch, Dunlop, Xotic, Mad Professor, EQD etc

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Having a bit of a clear out:

Chase Tone 68 Red Velvet Fuzz (Brand new in box) £150 PPG
Pettyjohn Chime (Boxed as new) £150 PPG
Thorpy Gunshot (Boxed as new) £120 PPG
Subdecay Vagabond Harmonic Tremolo (Brand new in box) £110 PPG
Red Witch Moon Phaser (No box but excellent condition) £110 PPG
Red Witch Titan Triple Delay (Boxed as new) £110 PPG
TC Electronic Flashback x 4 (Boxed in good condition) £110 PPG
Dunlop Band Of Gypsys Ltd Edition Chrome Mini Fuzz (Boxed in excellent condition) £80 PPG
Xotic BB MB (Mid Boost) Overdrive (No box but excellent condition) £80 PPG
Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb (Boxed as new) £80 PPG
Earthquaker Devices Tentacle (Boxed as new) £80 PPG

Red Panda Tensor (Brand new in box) £240 SOLD
EQD Bit Commander £120 TRADED
Pettyjohn Iron  £150  TRADED
Maxon AD-80 Analog Delay  £65 TRADED
65 Amps Colour Boost £100  TRADED
TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler (No box) £45 SOLD
Fishman Aura 16 Acoustic Imager £100 TRADED

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