Price Drops :- Pearl Analog Chorus, Hardwire RV-7, AMT Volume, Line6 Roto Machine

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All prices include delivery and assume payment by ppg.

Pearl Analog Chorus, Good condition, boxed £60  £50

Line6 Roto Machine Good condition, boxed  £40  £35

Hardwire RV-7 Reverb, multiple modes, Lexicon algorithms , Mint condition, boxed with manual £60

AMT Mini volume pedal  paint chipped £45  £40

Mooer Trelicopter, no box, some paint chips £25 On Hold


Rocktron MIDI Mate. Mint condition, boxed with manual. £90 SOLD

Mooer Blue Faze fuzz pedal, boxed  good condition £22 SOLD

L R Baggs Para DI, Boxed, mint condition £80 SOLD

Zoom MG-50S, Boxed, mint condition £50 SOLD

Digitech Multi Chorus , Mint condition, boxed with manual £40. £35 SOLD

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