F/S - Fulltone OCD SOLD and Thorpy Fx Gunshot (#019), Aria APE4

ParkerParker Frets: 753
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Fulltone OCD. This is V1.3 (serial 155736). Clean unit with original box. Velcro on base. One missing foot and thumbscrew. £100 Delivered. Sold

Thorpy FX Gunshot. With original box and purple tissue paper. This is #19, so early and first batch (Adrian reassured me it’s irrelevant on the number as all impeccable build quality, but may matter to someone. One day). Could do with a polish, but near mint. £130 Delivered (offers?)

Aria APE4 80’s/90’s? Multieffects pedal. Chorus, delay and gain. Great unit. Fully working with PSU. MIJ. Forum special at £55 delivered. 

All fantastic units. Cleared funds please. 

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