FS Pedaltrain 3 - (large 24” x 16”) . Excellent Condition. Can Post.

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Hi all, I’m selling up my pedalboard, which has some gear that’s great for guitar. All are home use only, in good condition, working great and just with the expected scratch or ding here and there. 

I’m having hard time uploading photos, please message me if you’d like some sent to you. My feedback is in my signature. 

Pedaltrain 3 (soft case version, not flight case version).  - £70 - 24" x 16" Home use only, great condition.

SOLD - Empress Compressor  - £150 - Boxed and Instructions. Velcro on rear.

SOLD - TC Electronic – Polytune 2 mini noir - £40 Velcro on rear.

SOLD Aguilar Tone Hammer  - £130 – Boxed and Instructions. Velcro on rear.

SOLD SansAmp Bass Driver - £120 – Boxed and Instructions. Velcro on rear.

SOLD Electro Harmonix Bass Clone  - £40 - Boxed and Instructions. Velcro on rear.

SOLD - Zoom G1Xon - £30 

SOLD - 3Leaf Wonderlove - £110 -  Boxed and Instructions. Velcro on rear. Rare painted version. Has a small issue - there is an internal switch to set buffered or true bypass. The true bypass option that has a fault but Spencer at 3Leaf sent me instructions to fix it and I purchased the relevant spare part, he said it’s a 5 minute job for someone in the know.  But I never fitted it because it sounds great for me in the buffered mode. I'll include the spare part and a copy of Spencer's email and instructions. Confused about bypass and buffered?... read here... https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/blog/2017/04/26/true-bypass-vs-buffered-whats-the-difference/

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