Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man 550-TT tap tempo analog delay

KeefyKeefy Frets: 411
The pedalboard rationalisation cull continues with this modern classic, the pedal-board friendly DMM 550-TT.

You can find the full skinny at the EHX website, so head over there now if you don't already know what this pedal is capable of.

Many modern analog delay pedals use the CoolAudio low voltage reproduction BBD chips, but this one (and the 1100-TT) employs NOS Panasonic - four MN3008 chips in this case - and runs off 15V internally.

The pedal is in excellent condition, complete with box, manual, and power supply. There are two neat strips of hook velcro on the base, but I am happy to replace these with rubber feet on request.

I am looking for £170 including insured delivery to mainland UK.

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