SOLD - Burny Japan Les Paul with Bare Knuckle Pickups

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For those not in the know, this is a high quality Les Paul copy made in Japan. Loads of info online, this is not just some cheap copy like some Epiphones etc, this is made to a similar standard as the Gibson originals. 

I'd put this somewhere between a Gibson Les Paul Studio and Standard qualty wise, using the same woods, sometimes superior construction and Gibson features such as fret edge binding. I believe this particular guitar is the Guns n Roses version, built to replicate the very guitar Slash uses. 

I have also replaced the pickups with high end Bare Knuckles, a Mule in the neck and a Miracle Man in the bridge. 

Would ideally like to trade this guitar for something different if possible, this has a traditional 50's neck which I find a bit chunky for my wimpy little hands.

Any guitar trades considered, not really looking to sell but i'd put the value around £500-£600 for reference. 

Condition wise it has a few chips etc in the lacquer but playability / electronics wise it's totally fine.

Hard case included.
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