Psilos Bass finished build

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Hi, I think that most of those who might be interested in such things will already have spotted this in the 'Making and Modding' section here, but for anyone who hasn't and might be interested at least seeing the finished article, this is my latest completed bass build, the 'Psilos' bass:

In terms of overall spec it's:
  •  34" scale
  • Integrated fretboard and body, radiused at 20"
  • Piezo under saddle; custom individual magnetic coils (hidden); John East MPM-02 blend
  • Sycamore / maple / ebony construction
  • Modified headless tuner system
  • Master vol; blend; piezo tone; magnetic tone
  • DR Neon White strings (seen in last pic)
  • 7lbs 4oz
The finish is Osmo Raw 3044 - silky smooth finish and designed specifically to preserve the freshly sanded colour of the woods.

To everyone's surprise it sits absolutely right on the strap and over the knee....that bit was definitely fluke ;)
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