sold- FS USA 1998 Schecter custom shop strat £725

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This will sound bananas but this is the second time I've sold this guitar, I sold it earlier this year as to me it was a bit of a 'swiss army knife' and at the time I had a load of other guitars so it didn't get the playing time.

Recently however I sold a load of my gear to fund building work so bought it back from @Leiversalone ;;;;;;;;;;; as I knew how good it was and it covers a load of bases. 

NB - His original FS post with decent photos is here

The building work is now sorted and almost paid for, the Mrs is happy too so this week I've started splurging on a few bits including a SSS Strat and a humbucker equipped Tele. It means this probably wont get the playing time it warrants for me to keep it so it's back up (I'm not one for keeping guitars for sentimental reasons)

I am such a doughnut that no doubt I'll end up buying it back at some point but for now I could do with the cash to pay for my recent indiscretions. My photos are below (although I prefer those by Leiversalone)

It's got a mojo-tastic hard case so shipping at cost won't be an issue.

Cheers and yes I probably do need help......

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