The Post Jam Photos, Videos and Chat Thread!

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After a bloomin' marvellous day out in the wilds of Leicester, there's a lot of photo and video evidence of the fun, frivolity, and general jammy-ness to share and discuss. 

Do all feel free to chip in. 

As a slight aside, I think it would be great to do another Jam day at Quad next year - I'm still up for a North and South meet, and I'll resurrect the other thread to continue the discussion again there, but I reckon the 2018 Quad Studios Leicester Jam day is def. on, I reckon Saturday 1st September, same time same place, but:

- 40 places
- 3 rooms
- Lots and lots of practice time ;)

Let me know what you did/didn't like about this one so I can work out how to improve the next one, and improve the potential North & South Jams
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