Northampton Jam Session - Sunday 3rd December - 1 to 5pm

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Ive been inspired by the Leicester Jam session to get out and play more music with people, so am about to book my local practice rooms for another jam. Its the Stalker Studios in Northampton ( NN5 7QP ). They have a 33m2 practice room called the Carter room (named after Carter USM - Fruitbat occasionally practices there) which should be enough for a gathering of 8 or so. So - who is interested?

I remember @aord43 @bridgehouse @darthed1981 and @spark240 were interested, anyone else fancy it?

Im planning to book it from 1-5pm (total cost £35 for four hours) so will be Ok even if theres only four or so people. Im happy to play drums for a few hours, but want to play guitar as well - can bring my Digitech SDRUM to fill in if needed!. There wont be a slick house band - but Im sure we'll cope. It would be worth us putting a list of 10-15 or so songs together so we come prepared with chord charts, and we can run through them a few times if needed if people want to work on rhythm, lead parts, etc.

Does anyone have any good links to websites that list suitable jam songs and their chord structure?

It would be worth listing what you play/sing, what level you are and what you want from the jam, and Im sure we can work something out to suit.

Mark - Play Drums (2 years) and Guitar (on and off for 20 years), happy with rhythm parts, need to develop lead playing, will sing a few songs if needed. Also fancy playing a few on bass if someone can show me the basics.

Over to you!

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