Fretboard Jam - North Edition - Sasquatch Studios - Huddersfield - 27th January 2018 - SONG LIST UP!

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After some legendary leg work by @Legionreturns, I'm proud to announce the Fretboard Jam - North Edition!!

It will be on 27th January 2018 at Sasquatch Studios in Huddersfield.

Why there?

Well, we have a special arrangement with Bob, the owner. He's letting us have the whole place for the day. So what will we get?

- A Performance Room for the official Jam song list
- An Acoustic Room (!)
- A Practice Room for prepping, extra Jams and more informal sessions (like the fabled room 4 at Quad at the recent Jam)
- A Social Space (big!) for chat, cork sniffing, gear demos and other great stuff
- Drum Workshop for anyone interested
- Bob will be on site all day and will be recording each performance song - he has also agreed to do recording workshops as he records if you want to learn how to record!
- Free tea and coffee all day
- A pub, fish and chips and pizza all close by

We have secured a drummer for the day already (he's pro level) and I'm putting the house band together as we speak.

The venue is a short distance from the Station, and is very accessible from the M62 so is easy to get to from Manchester, Leeds and most of the North of England. Parking on site, and also on the road outside

Usual setup - it will be £8 a head for all this Jammy goodness - and I'm limiting it to 30 places.

I will be there to run the day, @Legionreturns will be my man on the ground and will assist on the day, @Alnico has agreed to do Guitar point man to help all the guitarists get set up with amps etc. and to do extra guitar work, and of course we have a drummer - which is 4 spaces already gone. 

So - 26 places for northern jam fans who want to come along.

For now, reply in this thread expressing an interest and I'll build up the 30 place list along with a reserve list. Payment arrangements to follow along with logistics and all the other stuff.

I will start the song list in late September so we all get plenty of time to practice. It will be a great chance to try out those xmas pressies and it's after January pay day!!!!

Get in quick!!!!!

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