(Amended)Sheffield Bassists...Heads Up...80's Band Opportunity

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This is a project that's been amended from the Dead Legends idea, too many cross genres in that, we saw too many marketing problems with it.  I'd still like to know if any of you find this appealing to you. Is there anyone in the Sheffield area who would like to consider joining a "Dead Legends" 80's covers band.

It's a project with the Drummer in my current gigging band. Our Bassist in that same band can't commit fully to yet another band, in case you were wondering.

We have a very good Keys player who is fully committed to the project and our excellent drummer, then there is this oddball Guitarist

We have a set outlined, but the Bass is the key factor to get it started, so, please just shout me a PM if you are remotely interested.

Material? Nothing too challenging if you're of a decent ability level. Maybe a bit of simple Slap ability would be a bonus. PM me for more details.


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