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Ordered directly from Ben Fargen in the US and delivered in late May last year ,a hand wired Fargen DBC 25 watt Combo.

 Channel 1 is the Blackbird (Blackface clean channel) Channel 2 is the overdrive channel and can be switched between a Plexi    and JCM 800 circuits.

 Further tone shaping can be done with a bright switch on CH1 and there is a Variac/Full Power switch.

 These amps are not available for order in UK or Europe. I paid £2360 plus 25% vat and import taxes.
 This amp really does cover everything from Fender Cleans to classic Marshall Dirt.

£1500 trade value. Looking for EL34 dual or triple channel head.

  Full spec is 

Dual British Classic 25 Watt Specifications:
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformer
  • Vintage style mustard capacitors
  • Fargen Custom Shop resistors
  • DC Filaments for ultra quiet operation
  • 1/8″ aluminum chassis for the true vintage British amp sound
  • New and improved 2 position rotary decade switch that alters the circuit for true 60’s-Plexi + 80’s – JCM 800 tones
  • Pure vintage tones. (BF Deluxe / Plexi / JCM 800)
  • Full Tube buffered FX Loop w/true bypass switch
  • GZ34 tube rectifier
  • Variac Sag Control Switch
1 x 12" combo loaded with 8 ohm Celestion Creamback H model speaker
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Output Power: 25 watts
  • Tube Complement (5) 12Ax7,(2) EL34 , (1) GZ34
  • Class: AB – fixed bias push pull
  • Front Panel Layout & Equalization:
  • CH1 volume, master, treble, mid, bass
  • CH2 decade switch, volume, master, treble, mid, bass, presence
Any questions give me a shout. Thanks.

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