FS: 2 x Tweed Amps - 5f1 Champ Combo and 5e3 Tweed Deluxe Head

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OK ... couple of amps fresh off the workbench. Both are trial runs for a possible future range, so get them now whilst they're cheap.

First up is a 5f1 Champ clone. True classic Fender Champ sound through a 8" Celestion 8-15 speaker. Great warm cleans and that signature overdrive sound that only a small-speaker Champ can give you. 

Hand wired on turret board with cloth-covered wire. Quality components throughout. NOS JAN Philips 5Y3 rectifier. 

Tweed cloth has been lacquered to give an aged feel, but no relic treatment. Kind of like a 'closet classic' feel. 

Offers around £650 for this? Genuine Fender hand-wired champ is £1035 at the moment, so quite a saving to be had!

Next up is a 5e3 Tweed Deluxe circuit in a compact head. 

Full-fat, hand-wired Deluxe circut with 2x 6v6 output valves. Comes with VVR installed on the power valves, meaning you can dial it down to 1w for lovely Tweed crunch at bedroom volumes. 

Not quite sure how to price this, so £600 for starters?

Any questions about either please ask away.

Cheers guys!

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