SOLD: EVH 5150 III 100W Head / cover and f/s £650 ONO

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Offering this for a mate who isn't a member, I hope that's okay. 

EVH 5150 III 100 watt in very good condition with cover and footswitch complete with a newish cable which can be an issue with these. Recent power valve replacement, re bias, and fettle. Has been gigged without issues and sounds amazing. He is looking to downsize his gigging rig so that's the only reason for the sale. Otherwise he'd keep it as it does sound epic.

Based in the North East nr Darlington. He's looking for SOLD. Unable to ship and would prefer collection anyway to allow demos, willing to travel for the right deal also within a reasonable distance.

Pics below, along with an album link.

There is a Marshall 4x12 also in great condition with cover available in a sale for any interested parties, some small damage to the tolex underneath but otherwise fine. The cab is £185 SOLD on its own. CAB SOLD

Cash preferred but potential trades for a Fender Blackface Deluxe or similar, a 52 style Telecaster or similar relic style Tele (Nash or something), or even a Line 6 Helix for anyone looking to go back to valve perhaps.

Also looking at trades for a Gigrig G2, Boss ES8, large pedal boards! Hit me up with anything!

Message me if you want any other specifics or to discuss potential deals. Cheers.

.....and what to my wondering eyes should appear.....      nothing.......

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