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Four of us have a studio space in Sneinton on a Monday and we jam reasonably regularly, but when one or more are missing it gets a little difficult so we're looking to get a few more people involved. Guitarists, bass players, keys or singers. Possibly drummers but our drummer always seems to be available so praps not.

None of us are what you would call professional, mostly just competent, so any standard would be acceptable, it is only for fun after all. We are of the age where we're jamming riff based stuff or songs in the rock/blues genre though we're open to doing new stuff. There was talk of heading off to an open mic night to try some songs in public, but its not something that we're obsessing about, ther'es no intention of getting a gigging band together (been there done that, it was too much like hard work).

So if you'd like to jam reasonably regularly (twice a month would suit me as I'm busy with other stuff) or even every Monday please get in touch and I'll arrange for you to give us a tryout see if you enjoy it.

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