For sale: 20 pedals, various. Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom, fuzzes, etc., etc.

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Pedal purge from my personal collection (except for Sharptone FX pedals).    Buy my pretty pedals.
  • offers invited.   
  • trades also considered
  • enquiries welcome.  'Happy to provide a condition report for any item. 
  • my trading feedback: here.   
  • Contacting me: private message me. that's the best way. don't post on my my wall.
  • Payment: PayPal ''family and friends" method preferred and assumed.     
  • Postage: see post below.   Ask me for a dispatch date.

Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom 
versatile fuzz with excellent note definition 
(mint/excellent condition) -  £90

Mojo Hand One Ton Bee 

FUZZ  - based on Mosrite Fuzzrite 
 very good condition, with original box and bag  - £115 image

Tokai TFL-1 FLANGER  --- analogue  ----  1980s, Made in Japan
 -  £50. price drop £45

MXR MC-401 Boost / Line Driver  (NEW - unwanted prize)  -- CLEAN BOOST and buffer 
with original box etc  ---- £90 price drop £80

BBE Boosta Grande -- CLEAN BOOST
 mint con. with original box etc --- £55
Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz
based on Dirty Boy Afro Fuzz / essentially a Fuzz Face with a six-position vari-tone type switch 
 excellent con. -  £70

BBE Tremor ---   optical tremolo
excellent con., with original box etc -  £70
Fender Classic PHASER (custom classic reissue series) --- analogue.
 excellent con. with original box etc etc  --  £110 price drop £100

Sharptone Mojo Fuzz (BRAND NEW) -- £85  price drop £70
 silicon fuzz face;    PTP handwired.

Sharptone Tone Master (BRAND NEW)  -- £120
Tonebender Mk2 Professional clone.  NOS Mullard germanium transistors

 Cat's-Eye ESP Hop Hed Fuzztone 
ToneBender style germanium fuzz -- very rare. --- made in USA
  mint condition - £150 price drop £140
Fulltone '70  silicon fuzz, 
 excellent con., with original box etc ---  £120  

Marshall Guv'nor. 
 Made in Korea. early 1990s.
time warp condition.--- £150  price drop £140 

Daphon Overdrive  [Boss SD-1 clone?] - £25  

Marshall RF-1 Reflector reverb   
(v good con., with original box etc)  -  £40

GLX Digital Reverb RV-100 
[Boss RV5 knockoff] 
excellent con,, with original box etc ---   £70 price drop £65

wet/dry blender  --- £40   

DOD 270 A/B   --- £30 

Nobels A-B/V active a/b   - £35     

Line 6 BackTrack + Mic .  ---  guitar recorder, looper, microphone.    ---  compact. large memory.  usb. 
£75 price drop £70

Dunlop Headphone Amp pedal. 
very rare -- £100 

SOLD LIST: (updated 15th Dec)

Throbak Fuzz Haze  germanium fuzz .  excellent con., with original box etc  --- £150  price drop £135   (SOLD)

Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde,  overdrive & distortion - excellent con., with original box etc -- £80  (SOLD)

Visual Sound Son of Hyde, distortion -  excellent con,, with original box etc  - £50  (WITHDRAWN)
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