The 2018 theFB Challenge **Now OPEN**

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Yes, there's going to be a 2018 making & modding Challenge!

It'll run through to the end of Q1.

It's not intended as a competition from which a "winner" emerges - it's intended as a challenge in which all contestants set themselves an objective or target to get something done in the defined timescale. 

Hence there are no prizes, other than the satisfaction of completing it and the recognition of others.

To "play" you need to;
  • decide what  your own challenge is going to be - preferably an item/topic that's going to be of interest to people here!
  • start your own challenge thread here, sometime in January
  • keep the thread updated with progress 
  • ideally, comment on - and support - all the other participants.
I'll keep a master list on this thread of who's in and what each of us is doing, and link that to each of the individual threads.  That'll also make it easier to  refer back to individual threads during the challenge, and in future.

As the timescale is 3 months, the challenge can be reasonably substantial (ie not "changing my strings"), but other than the timescale there are no constraints.  There is no budget limit for this one, there is no specific thing that has to be made or modded.

But there will be a theme - which will be announced on 26 Dec (for reasons that will become obvious then).

Any immediate Qs  - post them here

Following a lengthy discussion on the topic of challenges earlier in the year,  we might try to run these quarterly through the year - largely based on how well supported this one turns out to be.  Future challenges may well repeat previous themes given that new members are always signing up and so wouldn't have been involved in a specific theme previously.

Suggestions for themes for Q2, Q3 and beyond are also welcome in this thread.
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