FS/T: Way Huge, Catalinbread, EB MVP, PSU,

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I’m having a bit of a rationalisation of my gear, so here's what's available:
  • Catalinbread DLS MkIII £80*◊ - MIAB-type, Super Bass and JCM800 modes
  • Ernie Ball 6182 MVP £75* Volume and boost, missing two screws for batt. cover
  • Way Huge Saucy Box £80*◊  - Brilliant Klon-alike, very transparent low-mid gain OD/Boost
  • Vitoos DC8 £15 - "Six 9V 300mA guitar effects and two adjustable 9V, 12V and 18V 1000mA guitar effects all at once"
And here's what's sold:
Prices assume PPG. Please add £6 postage (insured) for one, or £12 for multiple pedals. Shout if you have any offers or questions!

* boxed
◊ velcro'd


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