Sold! FS/FT: G&L Telecaster now with upgrades!

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Well, this guitar has to go! My beautiful other half has allowed me to get a new Duesenberg so something needs to move and this time its my G&L ASAT Classic Tribute series and believe me when I say, this is in as new condition! I'd never been a fan originally, but this guitar changed my mind! 
A lovely metallic blue with a humbucker at neck at the neck and single coil, both of these are brilliant and I'll be honest, I never wanted to change them, which is unlike me
I believe that they retail for new at £499 so as this is in as new condition say £350?

Oh yeah....brand new Bulldog pickups and pots, switch everything handmade for this guitar and kicks arse
I will be happy to add money to for the right trade

Pics to follow and I'm York based
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