pedal that does effing !! LOUD !!

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A Student of mine brought round a Biyang Baby Boom Fuzz Star FZ-10  today. Blimey is bloody loud - - I MEAN LOUD! It gives an ENORMOUS push to your signal and would be the perfect lead solo boost. Has plenty of usable vintage-style distortion sounds before you get to the Fuzz filth.
Is very controllable tone wise with 3 toggle positions and is not overly Flubby or Fizzy Fuzzy unless you want it. It actually induces a lot of harmonics and will go into controlled feedback really nicely even with a relatively low output Strat into my Session SS amp on lowish vol.

This is the perfect filth component to go with your VIBE pedal for that utter Trower filth...
Overall - turns out is a good pedal.
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