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In August, we - theFretBoard - will be 5 years old.

After the last Huddersfield jam, the consensus opinion was "great venue", "must do this again", and perhaps make it into  a regular 6-monthly thing.

But, of course, Huddersfield is north of Watford, and thus perceived as being "a long way away" for anyone in the South, and certainly far too long way away for a day trip.

So ....

We're considering holding a 5th BIRTHDAY PARTY, at the Sasquatch Studios (Huddersfield), over the weekend of 4th/5th August.

  • People could attend Sat, Sun, or both days, as they wish.
  • Days would be built around the jam sessions that have worked so well before,  with full recording capabilities again.
  • Looking at getting some product demos set up, like a mini-mini Guitar show.
  • Perhaps some sponsorship / competitions  / giveaways (etc) from some of our friendly Corporates
  • Maybe some hands-on sessions for repairs, set-ups, etc.
  • Plenty of time for other "stuff" to be arranged - suggestions welcome.
  • Probably get some press coverage too - I can see a feature in G&B for example.
  • For those staying over, possibility of an evening performance from a tFB band at a suitable local venue.
  • Sort out a deal with a suitable restaurant for food.
  • Sort out a deal with a local hotel for overnighters.

Obviously it would cost.    Travel, accommodation, food plus studio hire.  We've yet to talk to restaurants/hotels about possible deals, but we know that studio hire would probably come to c£15/hd/day.

We'd be limited on numbers, but if we had a 35-40 people limit, that could allow for c50 to attend given that not everyone would want to attend both days.

At this stage, I'm just after a show of hands - who'd be potentially interested in either or both days - and any suggestions for content. 

(I'll be back for your money later).

Let's see the hands ...
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