SOLD Sergei de Jonge Top Luthier Handbuilt OM Acoustic guitar for sale &/or p/ex

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This is an absolutely superb OM guitar built by Sergi de Jonge himself in 2011. He is one of the best, if not the best guitar builder in Canada and wel known top luthier throughout the USA and Europe. You will rarely ever see a used one come up for sale in the UK nor even the USA and there is now a 12 month waiting list for any de Jonge guitars, as both his daughter and sons also now build guitars, so have no idea how long it would be if you ordered from the master himself!

I have had and tried many acoustic guitars over the my years and I can honestly say this de Jonge is the best sounding I have ever heard and is a real dream to play. The french polish finish is exquiste and the Ziricote back and sides and Bearclaw Engleman spruce top look stunning, everything about this build is perfection, even down to the tuners, which are only put on his top models, they cost U$400 alone!  The guitar is finger pickers delight but either finger picking or just strumming/playing with a pick it is just a joy to play and with the added sound port, which many top lufiers are now incl at a cost, you can actually hear what the guitar itself sounds like, as if you were out front listening, rather than just hearing it side on. You really have to play it and hear for yourself, what a great difference a soundport makes, to how you hear your own guitar sound! 

The guitar is in fantastic condition with no wear on the frets, fretboard, nut/saddle etc and is beautifully set up.
Why am I now selling such a lovely guitar! I am mostly an electric player, so my de Jonge is only being used at home. I now work in a Care Home and as I play guitar twice a week for the residents, I need an acoustic that I can take there without fear of maybe getting it marked/damaged plus need a pickup in it, which there is noway I would want to start drilling any holes etc in such a wonderful guitar as it has no strap button, which is usual practice with handbuilt top acoustics.
Therefore I have just decided to sell the de Jonge and get a good quality but cheaper OM type guitar that I can also take out to the Care Home, without too much fear of marking etc.

A de Jonge built to these specifications and built by Sergi himself would set you back about £8,000, which isn't too far off the original price back in 2011. So I am looking for offers around the £4,500 mark which is a really reasonable price considering this is a really top quality OM acoustic. I am confident anyone who comes to try it will fall in love with it and want to take it back home with them!

As mentioned above, due to my needs, I will require another suitable small type bodied guitar so I would also be interested in a p/ex with cash, but only for a good quality guitar such as a Lowden S range model with rosewood back & sides and cedar top or similar type of guitar, as require a mellow tone, not too bright! Either with pickup or without as can have one fitted.

I have listed out the guitar details below, and have now managed to put some links to photos as posted below, PM me if interested and require any more details or further pics etc Thanks.
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