Siggi Braun Relic strat - EUGG run 2017.

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Hi guys, so I bought my Siggi Braun relic strat last year. I placed my order early October via the EUGG group which was doing a run, and received my guitar before Xmas (amazing turnaround time!) Ever since then I've been obsessed with it.
It's a vintage replica of a 60's strat, in Daphne Blue. It has Haussel pickups (which sound SO good) and an extremely comfortable neck, which coming from a strict superstrat shredder guy is really something! 

I have and have had a number of high end customs, and this is currently an outstanding number one. It's been used in the home only, as my gigs are about every decade!

The Pros:

Sounds like the best strat I've ever owned or played. It just kills in every switch position. 
Super easy to play and very comfortable, on a par with my best Suhr (and I've owned 10+ of those)
Looks great, they nailed the Daphne Blue colour and the relic is just about perfect. Siggi asks you at the start how much you want it relic'd and you can look at pics to help you decide. Mine is just right. As an indication of the level of attention Siggi has to this stuff, he relics everyting aside from the saddle screws, which he says have a tendency to fail if you do those as well. 
Quite lightweight.

The Cons:

The EUGG run meant I got mine at 50% off (yes 50%) There was a run of 10 only and the spots sold out in 11 seconds. That means I paid around 1450 Euros for mine instead of the 2900 standard price. Therefore for everyone wanting to buy now, price is a con at 2900. Is it worth it? Well yes considering I've played strats that are twice that price and just not as good. 
Custom guitar means a wait, you can't just go into a shop and buy one.
Like the wait, availability is a problem, you can't try before you buy really. 
I decided no more customs due to the financials and the tremendous issues with Sabre Guitars, but this was so good when another run popped up for the Superstrat Icarus model I caved and spent more £. 

Here's a Youtube video I made today which just shows a few of the sounds that I really like. If there are any requests for other sounds I'm happy to demo them:

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  • DominicDominic Frets: 9500
    Nice are obviously a highly accomplished player but I really don't like your type of music I'm afraid ....but I am a simpleton and that modern aimless non-tuneful jazz thing just doesn't appeal to me.I like tunes I can whistle or hum !
    For demo purposes it would be nice to hear simple music and basic sounds rather than the very processed type sound of this kind of music as it masks the nuances and subtleties of the guitar itself.
    Thankyou for taking the trouble to post tho' seems a lovely guitar.

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  • wizbit81wizbit81 Frets: 269
    Hi Dominic, what was the point in saying something like 'I really don't like your type of music I'm afraid' It's incredibly silly to assume you know 'my type of music' from a quick demo I did in an hour or two one afternoon. I like and play a lot of styles, as I'm sure you do, what you meant was 'I really don't like your playing in the video' which is fine, but why the need to tell me? You then use the well known tactic of being self-deprecating by declaring yourself a simpleton then using that as a setup to an insult by saying when I played was 'that modern aimless non-tuneful jazz thing' Now as I'm sure you'll agree, that's incredibly rude. You don't get it, fine, why give someone's playing unpleasant labels? Especially with words like 'aimless' and 'non tuneful' 
    It would be nice if you think twice before saying things like that again and if your approach to ask for different playing was just something like 'Hi, nice guitar but you're not using it in a genre I get, could you bash out a blues or a classic rock thing next time as well so I can hear what that guitar specifically sounds like in a context I'm familiar with?' The answer to that question would have been 'sure' and I might have just done a quick one this morning as I'm off work until next week. 

    Regarding the sounds...the first clip is just a clean sound with some reverb and delay, it's not heavily processed, the second is just an amp, no processing, ok the third is a manufactured sound to get the Holdsworth thing, and the last is just an amp again. I actually think you can hear the nuances of the guitar very clearly in these clips. If you're telling me that the sounds where it's just an amp sim on the Axe FX is 'heavily processed' to you then I don't actually know what to say.
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  • axisusaxisus Frets: 20539
    Dominic said:
    that modern aimless non-tuneful jazz thing just doesn't appeal to me.

    somewhat unnecessary and rude!

    Nice guitar!
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