WITHDRAWN: (G&B) PRS S2 #7 humbuckers, nickel, £35 PPG shipped

FunkfingersFunkfingers Frets: 4819
edited December 2018 in Parts £
Looking to trade these functioning but surplus to requirements Korean S2 #7 humbuckers for other pickups. 



The scribbling on the baseplates is mine - in case I decided to wire up these pickups to a superswitch. It will clean off with alcohol-based hand wash.

Today, I am mostly interested in other PRS S2 pickups. e.g. Starla/Vela humbucker or the Vela D-type single coil. Would consider trading both of my S2 pickups for one beaten-up old American pickup. 

EDIT: Currently working wonders in a "Canadian" Tokai SG. Probably going to stay there.
Be seeing you.
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