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Offering this up at a HUGE price drop. Save well over 50% on a new one of these plus all the extra valve sets.

The Offset comes with matched sets of KT66s, el34s, 6l6s, 6v6s and 5881s which were sold with the amp by the builder

Run it with:
 6V6s (included) 20 - 25 watts output; 
 6L6s/5881s (included) 35 - 40 Watts; 
 el34s (included) 50 watts; 
 KT66s (included) 64 watts

Re-biasing is a 5 minute job easily done at home with full manual/instructions included 

Johan Segeborn video here  if you're looking for demo - there’s other demos on his channel using his one.

This is my one - soon to be yours lol 

May consider interesting trades...

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