Anyone in Northants?

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My band has decided to call it quits for a while and the thought of only ever playing at home to programmed drums through headphones and monitors is getting me down a bit. 

I'm not necessarily looking for a new band straight away, though wouldn't turn down the opportunity (especially originals), more just an excuse to regularly meet up with some musicians, turn the amps up loud and jam either originals or covers. I play mostly guitar but could swap around on bass or drums if others wanted to just for fun. 

Originals wise I'd be open to anything but would say my main influences for that would be stuff like Clutch, Fu Manchu, The Shrine, Down, RATM and punkier stuff like Social Distortion, Fugazi, Gallows, Rise Against, The Bronx etc.

Based near Kettering, don't mind travelling about half hour each way though.
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