Horizoneer - Desert Waves on Endless Shores Pt. 1

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Just released a 6-track EP, some of the songs I was working on through my recording diary here; http://www.thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/63446/diary-of-an-album-recording-mammoth-post/p1

You can hear it on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes etc if you search for "Horizoneer".


The songs were written in summer 2015, inspired by the Refugee Crisis and these 6 tell the story of someone working their way across North Africa and the Med. It's kind of proggy alt-rock. Recorded winter 2015 through to spring 2016, and mixed late 2016. I kind of had to wait for my band to gradually implode before I could move on and release it, so it's been a long road to get to today.  B

Gear-wise... mostly my Gibson Explorer into a Mesa Stiletto Ace combo, delay from a TC Nova Repeater and now sadly defunct EH Memory Toy. Vocals were with a Shure SM-7 (I've kinda gone off it in the 2 years since), bass was a Sandberg into an Ampeg and drums were like so;

Captain Horizon (my old band);
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