Quad Jam (Nov 18) Set list thread

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    As you all know I'm very passionate about the Jams - they mean a lot to me. They mean a lot to a lot of us. I'm also conscious that I want to get it right so we can all have a cracking day, and enjoy ourselves - the buzz after Sasquatch was huge and I want to get that time after time.

    The response to the jams this time round has been, frankly, incredible, and I'm floored. It's brilliant and I don't want to kill that.

    However, I'm conscious that you may have all caught me with my pants down a bit and the songlist organising has been a bit chaotic.. I want everyone to have their fair crack, and I want the songs on the day to represent the needs/desires/hard work of those who will be there to play them. I've not given either of the setlist organisers a clear brief and have left them both a bit high and dry and that's not very fair of me. As such, I'd like to take a pause in this thread and have a discussion with them to make sure I'm supporting them and giving them a clear and consistent process for getting the right songs together for all of you.

    How do I know I've failed at this? I've had about 200 notifications today, a number of PMs and messages on here and other threads suggesting people aren't 100% happy with the songlists for a variety of reasons. I want to get this right so I'll chat to @darthed1981 and @markblagdon and agree the right way to do it and make sure they are supported and not left stirring chaotic porridge! 

    Massive apologies - I should have got this sorted earlier 
    - but if anything it's an indication of just how brilliant your collective enthusiasm or response has been. I will post again tomorrow to give an ETA for songlist chat startup again - I want you to all be able to carry on by Saturday at the latest. 
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  • TTonyTTony Frets: 15409
    Temporary close on this thread to let Mr BH get his pants back on, or up, or whatever (I don't want to think about the scenarios too closely).
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  • RolandRoland Frets: 2581
    @Roland @idiotwind - you've paid up, so feel free to let me know what songs you want to play on and which parts (rhythm, solo, bass, acoustic,etc)
    Mark. I’ve joined up as “other” because I want to meet people face to face. I get to play with a band most weeks, so I’m not target demographic for the session. I’d rather not displace someone who will get more value from the playing opportunity.

    The things I can offer:
    1. Brown Sugar, Teenage Kicks, and Wishing Well are on my band’s set list, and I could drop in at a moment’s notice if you’re short of a guitarist. Not likely I know.
    2. Guitar synth if a song needs strings or Hammond. Doesn’t have to be me playing it.
    3. Screwdrivers and Allen keys if someone wants to adjust their setup.
    4. Camera operator, if someone shows me which buttons to press.
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