FS: Fender Jaguar 66 Reissue With Bound Frets And Block Inlays

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Hi all! I had posted a thread about selling my Jaguar before, but it was taken down due to a lack of detail on the thread.  Im going to copy and paste from the previous thread and try to add some more information.

Fender Jaguar 66 Reissue. Its a relatively rare guitar (despite people getting annoyed at me saying so before...) as far as im aware there were only around 500 made in each colour that had the bound frets and block inlays. Has "Made in Japan" stamped at the base of the neck. I have edited out the serial number in these photos. Information from Guitar Dater Project:

Your guitar was made at the

Fuji-gen Plant (for Fender Japan), Japan

in 1994 - 1995

EDIT: For clarity, I have now found out that these guitars didnt adhere to Fender Japan's standard numbering conventions, and it was actually made between 2007 and 2010.  Please see here for more information http://www.shortscale.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=54978&sid=e0759230d0a03ad03ae0e9c2682adcb8

Im looking for £1100 shipped in the UK

Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/IJ2hhJx

Some more additional information

How long you’ve had it.
I have had it for probably around 10 years

Where you bought it.
I bought it off of gumtree.  I wanted a Jaguar, and the chap I bought it from was looking to buy a Gibson SG so he was delighted to sell me it

How you’ve used it.
For better or worse, im not good enough and too afraid to play a gig, so its only been used to play around my room

What condition it’s in.
As far as I can see its in really good condition.  There are a few light scratches on the back of it, but they dont even show up in photos.

Why you’re selling it.
I have a G&L guitar that I play more, and this one is just quite honestly going to waste.  I tend to make more electronic music now.  Quite embarrassingly, I want to sell it to help pay for a sewing machine so I can make leather wallets and aprons

If anyone has any more questions or would like any more clarity please ask me here!  If you are around the Glasgow area you can come here and have a play of it for as long as you like

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