[very unofficial] Quad warm-up and studio recce session (Herts)

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Date:  Sunday 14th October
Time: 2pm - 6pm

Capacity: 8-9 people


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Following on from discussions over in /Guitar I'm looking at organising a small get-together at a studio in Hertford during October.

There are two main aims with this:

  1. for a few people to have a pre-Quad thrash if they want to - although you don't have to be coming to Quad to join in, at all; we'll just probably be running through some of the songs that are on the list for Quad

  2. to check out the studios and see if it might be worth approaching them for a larger jam in 2019, if there's enough interest from the board (at the moment this is all highly unofficial and speculative)
At the moment it looks like me, @markblagdon and @peteri are interested.  If there are two or three more who are interested (most of the rooms seem to hold up to 6 folk) then I'll do the legwork.

Studio is in Hertford, Herts and is easily reached off the A414 or the A10.

If you're interested I could do with knowing:
  1. that you're interested!
  2. which Saturdays or Sundays in October you could make from the list below
I'll then see if we can book a room for the afternoon of the day that works out best for everyone.

Potential dates (all October 2018)
Saturday 13th
Sunday 14th
Saturday 20th
Sunday 21st
Saturday 27th
Sunday 28th

Please comment here or PM me if you prefer.

Cost will just be the booking cost divided by however many people turn up (I'll book a four hour slot in an appropriate room, so anywhere between £9 and £15 a head depending on the number of heads).

@bridgehouse hopefully this doesn't overstep boundaries with the official stuff

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