SOLD: 3rd Power Dream Series 2x12 cab (£400) and flight case (£65)

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Similar to my K-Line for sale on here, I'm a bit gutted to be selling this, but it's not going to get any use for at least the next ten months and I need to raise funds pretty sharpish, so...

Probably my all-time favourite gigging rig, being a pretty much spot-on Plexi AND a 60s AC30 in one head, footswitchable between the two, all at whatever volume you like because of 3rd Power's Hybrid Master technology. I've no idea how it works (nor do I care) but it's better than any attenuator or master volume I've ever encountered.

I've also no idea how Jamie managed to get such a dead-on AC30 out of this head (actually, several iterations of 60s AC30s) but it really does deliver. I actually bought this because my favourite amp, an early Bad Cat Black Cat 30 head, is just too loud and unwieldy for a lot of the shows I do. I tried the newer Bad Cats with the K Master but they didn't really sound like my old one - this amp is much closer, and in Brilliant mode sounds very Matchless-ish.

The Plexi side was an added bonus to me, but it absolutely NAILS AC/DC / Lizzy etc tones, again at any volume.

This is the latest version with the tube Citizen Loop.
It's well worth reading up on these amps, they really are remarkable pieces of work. There's only one European dealer now, I think, and they have the head at €2699. Mine is IMMACULATE, having been flight cased since new, so a huge saving at £1450.

The matching cab is now €995, and again mine is immaculate, having also been flight cased from new. I'm looking for £450 for it.

It's the top of the line Dream Series cab, with an Alnico Gold on one side and a Vintage 30 on the other. Unlike the cheaper 3rd Power cabs, this one features his patented internal triangular chambers, and sounds absolutely HUGE. Again, these cabs are worth a Google, they are incredible pieces of work.

Since the cab is such an extraordinary beast, I'm willing to sell it separately. However, if you buy both the head and cab together, I'll chuck in the flight cases (which cost £370 between them). That's a £3600-ish rig for £1900

Located just outside Glasgow but happy to post - ideally in the flight cases!

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