FS: Boss CH-1, DD-7, HB Overdrive and Mini Looper. BD-2 (sold), RV-6 (sold), GE-7 (sold)

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Boss Blues Driver, BD-2           £40
Boss Reverb, RV-6                   £70

Boss Digital Delay, DD-7          £70 £60
Boss EQ, GE-7                         £40
Boss Super Chorus, CH-1        £40 £35 

All in very good condition. No boxes, manual or power supply.
Prices include registered post to anywhere in Europe.

I’m also selling two lower cost pedals, but these prices do not include shipping. If you buy one of the Boss pedals, you can also add one of these at no additional shipping cost.


Harley Benton Overdrive        £15
Harley Benton Mini Looper    £20
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