The Guitar Show 2019 - 23rd - 24th February, The New Bingley Hall, Birmingham

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Hello All

The first press release is going out on Monday so I thought I would post up the info here first.

I've just spent the morning updating the exhibitor list  - website 

It is almost done, but looks pretty impressive so far, I have some great new exhibitors, ESP, Hiwatt, Maton, Oil City, Seth Baccus, Zilla Music and Zander Circuitry plus all the usual.

For the live stage I have booked: Bumblefoot (ex-GN'R & Sons Of Apollo), Rhino (Rhino's Revenge & Status Quo), Chris Buck, Paul Sayer (The Temperance Movement), Brooks Williams (Acoustic Blues), Gasoline & Matches (Country), Joe Corbin (Blues) plus a few others to be named soon. These will be a mix of playing and/or a rundown of their rig. I'm trying to get a run down for 5 mins before each performance, so everyone knows what the gear is they are using. The Paul Sayer will be like I did with Dan Hawkins this year, he uses a lot of vintage guitars and Lazy J amps, so I'll be very interested to hear that set up.

The advert and all the social media channels will carry an image of an Orville Les Paul Custom in white, this is for a variety of reasons;

1) I have a slight obsession with MIJ Guitars (I own 3 Orvilles myself)

2) Every year I want  to give away the advert's "hero" guitar, I can't afford to give away a proper Gibson (unless Peach get very silly ) but I can afford to give away an Orville.

3) A lot of my favourite guitarists play LPCs

4) They look cool

5) I'll tell you if I see you

I would put an image up, but imgur won't allow me to upload at the moment????

I've been back through the 2018 thread and the only complaint I can find was the cock up on the first morning with the prepaid tickets, but if you have any points you would like to raise or any suggestions of what you would like to see, please let me know, I will do my very best to make all sensible* suggestions happen.

If you could follow the show on social media that would be great, lots of news about the show will be on there, plus endless guitar based memes.

Instragram - theguitarshowuk

Twitter - theguitarshowuk

I think that's all for now - thank you


*too many times I've been asked for Hendrix or Cobain etc.

The Guitar Show, The New Bingley Hall, Birmingham | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
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