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I'd been toying with replacing my wireless system for a while, having had two break on me (G30 which I still have, which just cuts out for no apparent reason) and a cheapy USB one that worked fine for about 4 months then the jack on the transmitter developed a loose connection. 

I'm not a gigging player, but wireless is hugely advantageous when I'm running my YBTB sessions and need to get around the room helping 5 or 6 kids on different instruments. It's also pretty normal during performances for me to have to play or sing at least one part to help the kids out, and make eye contact with them for key bits of a song. 

So I needed something simple, foolproof, more robust than what I'd had before and it didn't need to go 500 feet to the bar, just around the room. 

I saw an ex display, but fully warrantied Line 6 Relay G10 on the evil bay, but from an actual shop the other day so I finally took the plunge. 

Obviously I can't speak for longevity yet, but it's super solid, works brilliantly and has some features that I really rate. The auto cut out when you unplug (no pop), 4 minute time out battery saver and quick wake up when you start playing again are all super slick, and the transmitter is tiny! 

It does now seem to come with a new extender for different guitar jacks which I hadn't seen mentioned in reviews. This works really well on anything with the jack on the top of the guitar like my Jag bass: 

My one minor negative, which I knew about before I bought it, is that the receiver (which is also the charging dock for the transmitter) is powered by a micro usb cable. You get a plug and cable of decent length, but we all know how temperamental those cables can be. 

I'm sure this will serve me well! 

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