SOLD: TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor & Mooer Green Mile OD (price drop)

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TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor - boxed.  Home use only, excellent condition. 

£60 £55 PPG delivered or suitable trades (with +/- cash adjustment if necessary).  



Mooer Green Mile overdrive pedal (basically a tube screamer - sounds great).  Home use only - small chip in the paint you can see in the picture below.  £25 £20 PPG delivered. 

SOLD: Line 6 Helix - the full fat version.  In mint condition with box etc. Never gigged or even been taken out of the same room since it was unboxed.

£800 PPG plus delivery (not sure what delivery is likely be - perhaps someone who has sold one on here may be able to shed some light until I can get to the post office with it!).  May be open to trades - I'm looking for a Victory V30 Mk 2 Countess at the moment. 

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