BOTH SOLD - Pete Cornish NG-3TM (SOLD) and Red Panda Particle (SOLD)

merlinmerlin Frets: 1939
edited October 2018 in FX £
I love both of these but seriously, they're just a shade outside of usability for me. I'm far less experimental and noise oriented than these two beasts offer....both come boxed and with necessary blurbage. 

So, first up is my recently acquired Pete Cornish NG-3TM. Best fuzz if you like the kind of face melting stuff, but it can also do some pretty sensible stuff too, but with this kind of audio insanity available, why would you want to?

£390 delivered. SOLD

Next up is the astonishing Red Panda Particle. Great for making your guitar sound like lumpy gravy or ready-brek. Lovely thing just too bonkers for me. £210 delivered. Looks a bit dusty but actually is quite clean. (SOLD)

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