FT/FS: Taylor 416CE Spring Limited 2013 - £1200

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Hello guys,

I'm very reluctantly considering to let this beauty go as I don't use it a whole lot anymore, and need some funds to finance other things. Owned it since 2013, bought it pre-owned from a shop in the US so I'm most likely the second owner (third tops). Although it's been with me through a lot, I have treated it very well and it has minimal traces of use. 

A little about the guitar, they used a very rare wood in the back and sides of this one; granadillo. Traditionally used in African percussion instruments I believe, for its clear and bell like resonance. It reminds me quite a lot of Indian Rosewood tonally, very clear and rich with a wide and balanced frequency spectrum. The neck is mahogany and the top is sitka spruce, all solid woods of course. What I love the most about it aesthetically is the maple details, from the fretboard inlays to the binding and even the Taylor logo inlay. Comes with the Expression system (not the Expression 2), which I actually preferred over the Expression 2 the last time I compared them. YMMV of course. Included in the price is the original hardcase, with beautiful purple interior. 

There are two things that I might consider taking as partial payment: a reasonably priced OM/dreadnought acoustic with solid wood in the top and back (at least), and with a decent preamp (Cort L300VF is a good example), or/and an alright P-bass (maybe a Squier CV or something). I'm all set on the electric guitar, amp and pedal front so none of that would be of interest I'm afraid. 

Comparing it to similar guitars for sale, I would put both the trade value and sale price at £1200. I'm located in the Liverpool City Centre and I am unfortunately not able to post it. The guitar will be restrung with Elixir Nanowebs before the sale, unless you specify another gauge it will be 0.13-0.56 which I have found to sound the best with this body shape/size. 

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