Fs: Drive pedals: Strymon Sunset, Hotcake, Liquid sunshine, Modded SD1 & Digitech Polara Reverb

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Got a few drives up for sale. Pics coming on Friday. 
Postage included  (UK non weirdo addresses) ppg assumed or you pay the fees.  

1. Strymon sunset £195.   My favourite drive pedal, but just wanted a change tbh.   SOLD

2. Liquid sunshine v3 £85   Great sounding Overdrive pedal, can use 9-18volts.

3. Crowther Hotcake - Has the bluesberry mod and the guitar/bass one as well £95  - Sold

4.modded boss sd1. Keeley modded (not sure which one) has switch which allows to go between smoother sound and more middy sound .   I Had the switch replaced last year. £35 (works perfectly sounds awesome   sold

5. Digitech polara reverb.   £80 - Sold

6.  Toadworks Texas Flood - Sold £40

Not really looking for any trades tho could be tempted by a Klon Centaur clone or perhaps a  mic  such as sm57 or other mic for guitar cab.





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