FS 2 x Hiwatt 4 x 12 cabs, one older, one newer, Celestion and Fane FURTHER PRICE DROP!!

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I am finally selling my 4 x 12s as I am too old to lift them! (actually I am 45 but I can see if I continue to lift these they will make me old) I am in Kent but may be able to deliver or meet halfway on arrangement/negotiation.

First up is a Sterling era cab from Sacramento CA with black cloth - date probably somewhere between 85-87. I always wondered about the serial plate on the back as it has permanent marker for the info on it but I have seen another one sold on Reverb with same marker so it must have been their way of working back then-https://reverb.com/item/2003868-hiwatt-vintage-4x12-ls412-guitar-cabinet the Reverb cab is only 14 serial numbers away from mine! Sterling also made a rare angled Hiwatt cab.

There are some of these cabs on the Hiwatt registry here:


It is front loaded and the drivers are 16ohm T3866 cloth edged 150w Sidewinders wired for a total impedance of 16 ohm for a 600w cab. They have a sensitivity of 102dB 1w/1m 123 SPL at rated power.

I have had this for nearly 20 years and bought it, and another off of the singer in a band I used to be in. He was signed to Billy Gaff's management company (Rod Stewart and also the Faces old manager) not that I'm trying to imbue it with some provenance from that, just background. He had the cabinets from new, they played the Reading festival and stuff back in the 80's. A lot of bass players like the 150W sidewinder, it has a flat-wound 2" voice coil - they go down to 60Hz so good for de-tuned stuff too. I sold one of these cabs to a guy in Scandinavia about ten years ago and then I joined a tribute band again last year so I bought a crappy one which I mocked up to look like a Hiwatt cab and a good one which I'll describe in the next paragraph. This Sterling one hasn't been on the road for a good while. I left the band and having sold the crappy one I don't really need 2 x Hiwatt cabs. Having heard @CustomPedalBoards 2x12 EV loaded cab on Thatpedalshow I'm fancying one of those but even then I think I'll be looking for a 1 x 12!

It is a solid Birch cabinet very well constructed, not perfect Tolex but also something you could use without looking terrible but without sweating every time someone walks near it in case they mark it. This thing is so solid you could live in it if you were small enough. I want £350 for the cab as a whole. I would be willing to sell the cab separately from the Celestions for £175.


Second cab is a more modern custom shop Hiwatt cab with salt and pepper cloth that I bought from @PhilTQ ;;;; on here. It has a long bass port at the rear. Phil had this with a false baffle in it with 4 x 10s buit I removed that as behind it were the original holes for 12"drivers. It comes with a slip cover. Inside are 4 x 50 Watt Fane Hiwatt drivers. These are keyboard speakers that I de-whizzered and they sound great. Cones say 010/003, stickers say 122/17G with LT in pen which must have been the Long Throw for the departed whizzers. 17,000 Gauss 50 Watts 8 Ohms. Date 22476 Frame numbers are 49/73. The cab is wired at 8 Ohms. One of the cones has a couple of cracks in the cone repaired but hasn't been a problem. The cab is again very substantial with proper thick birch ply construction. In this one the speakers are rear loaded. I am selling this one for £400 but would sell the cab at £200


Custom Hiwatt Cab

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