FS 1998 Schecter California Custom Shop Strat

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Firstly apologies to @pmbomb , he thinks I'm bananas for selling this and did a very good job of talking me out of it this week. The truth is I've been happily playing a couple of cheapies recently and could do with the cash this will raise for something else non guitar related.

It's a lovely USA built top spec custom shop HSS strat. The bridge humbuckers is coil tapped and the middle and neck pickups are stacked single coils so they are nice and fat sounding until you pull up on the tone control which then gives you the more traditional single coil sounds. Combine that with a 5 way switch and there are loads of tones available.

It's got a nicely curved swamp ash body, a really comfy unfinished maple neck and locking sperzel tuners 

It's been played so it's not sparkly clean , the fretboard being unfinished has a bit of discolouration but there are no major dings  or scrapes.

Comes in the OHSC which is suitably worn and mojotastic.

Have a look at what these are advertised at elsewhere and I think you'll agree that £750 is a bargain.


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