Carol Ann Satin 50w Head

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Pains me to do this, but an injury has meant that i can't play guitar a right lot, which means i'm scaling back the gigs and equipment.

And this is simply the best amp I've ever owned, but i can't justify keeping it sat unused

I've always been the type of player to get driven sounds from pedals, and Fender amps where my go to for a long time. But this Satin amp is on another level. 

It's a single channel amp, with (included) footswitchable mid boost and reverb. The reverb is stunning at every notch on the dial, the mid boost cuts through and remains musical. The amp has a pre-amp gain control, but with my strats and tele's you only get that slight hair on the notes. With a decent humbucker you have a nice breakup, but pedals are needed for lead tones etc.

No fx loop, you don't need one with this amp, everything in the front.

It has the Biasmon fitted, put new power valves in and adjust the screw on the back till the led glows Green.. and then you are all biased up! (Red led is too hot, blue is too cold). Talking of valves, I put new JJ 6L6's in it at the end of last summer and the amp has had very little use since then.

Tone wise, it's like the best Fender you ever heard, but adjust he 'Feel' control and the bottom end tightens up giving a more solid sound.

It's supposedly Alan's (mr Carol Ann) take on the Dumble SSS. I obviously can't say having not played one of those amps, but you can certainly get in the SRV territory with the right guitar and pick attack.

It's mint condition due to living in the (included) custom made flight case all of it's life.

£1250 collected from Leicester, delivery might be possible, even part delivery. Courier's are an option too.

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