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TimmyOTimmyO Frets: 3559
The really really old (in previous-forum-iteration terms) will recall that SwinJam (a Jam in Swindon) was the first of what became relatively regular real-world musical get-togethers. There were 6 or so, plus a GasFest. <sigh> halcyon days.

Anyway, as I am  no longer permanently train-lagged from commuting these days, I thought I'd see who was up for what.  There are a couple of newer really good facilities that could be used, and I'm open to anything from a turn-up-and-jam thing to a pre-planned set of tunes thing, to a backing-track-led thing or a teach-in if anyone feels able/willing.

So, anyone in striking distance of Swindon interested in a weekend daytime thingumy? 

(tagging the locals I'm aware of)

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@dazzajl ;
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