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SOLD - Maxon OD820 Overdrive Pro MIJ boxed with manual - Tube Screamer meets Klon Centaur!

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This pedal is one of several with valid claims to the crown as 'Ultimate Tube Screamer', so why am I selling it? The answer lies in 3 pedal boards, a drawer full of 'spare' pedals, goodness knows how many other dirt pedals among them, and the fact that I haven't really used this one in 3 years!

If you don't know what a Tube Screamer is, stop reading now and go get an edumacation. Otherwise read on:

The Plus Points
  • The DRIVE control doesn't just alter the gain - it's a dual gang pot, and it also mixes between the drive section and a clean buffer, meaning minimum drive is completely clean. Yes, that's the same trick that the Klon Centaur employs.
  • It has an internal voltage doubler, giving it loads of headroom when used as a clean boost. Yes, another Klon trick.
  • It's a Tube Screamer built around two 4558 chips.
  • It's made in Japan (usually considered a Very Good Thing).
  • It has a big fat mid boost, perfect for fattening up your Fender guitar/amp setup.
  • It comes in its original box with the manual.
  • It will work from a standard Boss-type power supply, or a PP3 battery (neither included).
  • The base plate has never been gunked up with velcro.

The Minus Points
  • There are quite a few scratches to the paint, which I have tried to show in the photos.
  • It's not true bypass.
  • There is sometimes a crackle on the DRIVE control when adjusting it (but not when you're actually playing through it).

The Price
£115 £105 delivered within mainland UK.

The Photos

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