Can anyone explain this progression?

This is from a Grade 8 piece. I think I understand it but wanted to check a few things... 

Section 1

Bm7b5 - E7b9- Am7 - D7b9 - Fma9 to Gm7 - C7b9 - Fmaj7 

I see 2x II V Im first 3 chords and the last 3. What’s the function of D7b9 and Fmaj9??

in the next section is where my head hurts.

from Fmaj7 - Am7 - Dm9 - Dm7 -Ab - Bb - Gm - Abmaj7 - Am7b5 - D7b9 then resolves to G for the next section. 

So I - III - VI (F) modulates to (Eb Major) IV - V - III - IV - so Ab Lydian sound 

then II - V - I In G? 
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